THE ART OF MAKING Teochew png kuEh workshop

Delve into the rich heritage of Teochew cuisine and master the delicate art
of crafting Teochew Png Kueh,a traditional and beloved Chinese snack.

Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh & Pandan Puteri Ayu Workshop

Embark on a delightful journey into the heart of traditional Peranakan sweets with our “Art of Making
Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh and Puteri Kueh Workshop,” proudly presented in collaboration with Kueh Ho Jiak. 

Tartistry Soirée Prestige P.I Workshop

Step into a realm where baking transcends mere culinary craft and transforms into a canvas of pure delight.

2-In-1 Mooncakes Workshop

Two Mooncakes, Double The Fun!

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  • Little Bakers Lab Master Chef Subscription

    1 Year Master Chef subscription

  • Pâtissier Package ($300)

    Pâtissier Package ($300)

  • Pâtissier Package ($600)

    Pâtissier Package ($600)

  • Pâtissier Package ($1000)

    Pâtissier Package ($1000)

  • Durian Cendol Cake Workshop SIS

    Durian Cendol Cake Workshop

    From: $178.00
  • Hamburger Macarons

    Hamburger Macarons Workshop

    From: $148.00
  • NEW
    Horoscope Vintage Cake Series Workshop – Libra

    Horoscope Vintage Cake Series Workshop – Libra

    From: $188.00
  • Letterbox Brownie

    Letterbox Brownies Workshop

    From: $178.00


At Little Bakers Lab, we offer immersive and interactive baking classes that provide participants with a comprehensive experience of the entire baking process. As one of the most popular baking studios in Singapore now, we customised our baking lesson for both adults and kids alike, offering a space to enjoy the therapy and fun of baking!




“Is a fun place to kick start for a newbie. More knowledge and hands-on gain. Instructors are friendly and thoughtful. Most importantly, the cakes we baked are delicious and yummy.”

– Joy Lee

“My kids enjoyed the cooking activity with good friends and the bakes they learnt to prepare is so yummy, Will definitely go again and maybe going for another lesson as a family.”

– Ethan and Lise

“Had so much fun during the session and with great guidance from an experienced baker. Each session has a different pastry, do check their schedule to choose your preferred pastry.”

– Shirley Goh

My very first session at Little Bakers Lab. A very wonderful experience learning from Ms Claire Lim, a very approachable instructor who generously shared her knowledge and expertise. Kudos also to the friendly staff who assisted during the session. It was a morning well spent.

– Judy Lee

“Everything and Instructor was super attentive and impart knowledge and tips unselfishly.”


– Clarice Ng

“I get to do everything on my own right till the end. No pairing work!!! Awesome.”

-Fayth Yap

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Tuesday – Sunday: 9am-8pm

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