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It all began with a kids’ baking studio named Little Bakers Lab in 2018. With the aim to enable all children the opportunity to engage in an interactive hands-on culinary experience in the kitchen. 

We came up with the signature Masterchef Adventure Holiday Program. Through this program, our students are given a holistic understanding of the whole baking journey.

Over the years, we have talent-hunted many instructors to offer a broad range of classes ranging from 3D steamed bun modelling, cake decorating, bento making, nonya kueh making to bread and pastries baking. 

As one of the most popular baking studios in Singapore now, we customised our baking lesson for both adults and kids alike, offering a space to enjoy the therapy and fun of baking!

Sushi Burger Workshop
Student Sieving flour
Christmas Tree Workshop
Floral Jelly Art Workshop
Miss Huat Jelly Workshop
Soufflé Cheesecake & Baked Cheese Tarts Workshop

Our Baking Instructors

MIKAMAMI at Little Bakers Lab
Nicholas Koh_Little Bakers Lab
KANG WANRU at Little Bakers Lab
Dim Sum Chef Wong at Little Bakers Lab
Lee Shee Yang_Little Bakers Lab
Joan Lim_Little Bakers Lab

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